We’ll be glad to assist reunion committees in any way we can. Contact us at nottalum@hotmail.com or write to The Nottingham Connection, 3100 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY 13224

To visit and/or tour Nottingham during your reunion, you must have a permit. For a permit, contact Syracuse City School District Facilities Management Office:
725 Harrison St., Room 300
Syracuse, NY 13210
phone (315) 435-4083. 
Allow at least two weeks for processing.  After your reunion, please provide us with an updated class contact list for our database, and a writeup of your reunion for the next edition of The Nottingham Connection newsletter.

The Class of 1952 would like to make this Memorial Bell available to any class wishing to use it for a class reunion.  Peg Kramer from the Nottingham Connection Committee is the contact person at the high school - (315) 435-4380.

Class of 1955

The class of 1955 is planning a reunion June 26 and 27, 2015. Our 60th. For information call Marty Levine 315-263-5828.

Class of 1971

The class of 1971 is setting up a Destination Reunion September 2-5, 2016 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. More details are forthcoming.

Class of 1975

The class of 1975 is getting together for their 40th class reunion. Please contact Rona Beth Goodman Klein w/ a PM if you have not been contacted and want info. Rona Beth Goodman Klein on Facebook.

Class of 1985

Announcing the Gathering for the Nottingham Class of 1985 30th High School Reunion.

Of course, we want to get all the Class of 1985 there... However, this invite is open to ALL graduates of William Nottingham High School. Feel free to share and invite all the Bulldogs you know!

The 2015 Reunion dates are Friday & Saturday, July 17 & 18. Please save the dates and stay tuned for details! Times and Locations TBA.

Picnic & Semi Formal Dinner Information on Facebook

Committee: Jackie Tambi Madura, Robert Dorschel, Jackie Wolf Kibler, Jennifer Bollettieri Hill, Peter E. Robson

Class of 1985

The class of 1985 is holding their 30th class reunion July 17 and 18, 2015. Detail are in linked flyer. More details on Facebook.

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